About Jon

Age: 34
Job: Chief petty officer in the US Navy

Hobbies: golfing, fishing, occasionally video games 3 Words to Describe Myself: Proud, Strong, Loving

What am I most excited about in becoming/being a Dad again: “The thing that excites me most about being a father is starting another journey. I am thrilled to see the differences between raising boys and raising a girl. I look forward to my boys having a little sister and my wife having the daughter that she has always wanted. My boys are both momma’s boys…maybe I can finally have a daddy’s girl!”

Linda says: “Jon is such a great father to our boys! He is immediately “attacked” when he comes through the door with demands for “flying” them, wrestling, playing catch in the yard and tickle fights. He was the assistant coach for our oldest son’s baseball team and never missed a practice or game. He leads by example how a gentleman should be. I know that when we are blessed with a daughter he will show her what a proper relationship with her partner should look like!”