About US

In the beginning….

We went to high school together and met in marching band! Linda- flute, Jon- saxophone.  We lost touch for two years. Linda started at a new college and a few weeks after moving into the dorms, got a message on facebook from Jon.  He had just joined the military and wanted to know if when he could get some leave would Linda like to meet up for dinner.  Linda agreed and lo and behold, Jon had leave the following weekend!  He lived in VA for the entire time we dated and Linda moved to be with him after getting married in 2011.  We flew back and forth between VA and FL for 5 years almost every month (except during the times Jon was deployed).

First Comes Love…

I knew right away, within a couple of months, that I wanted to marry Jon!  When he proposed it was a complete surprise!  It was Columbus day weekend (coincidentally the same day as our first date!) and he complained about how he had duty that weekend and wouldn’t be able to come home to see me.  I was laying on the couch reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when I got a knock at the door.  I wasn’t expecting anyone… my 3 dachshunds went berserk and I’m shouting “who is it?” through the door while trying to make out the answer of “it’s me!” over the ruckus.  Once I opened the door there was Jon on one knee with the most beautiful ring that he designed.  I was a mess with my hair in a bun on top of my head and wearing an old t-shirt and pajama shorts! But it was incredibly memorable for him to surprise me on the anniversary of when we started dating.  

Home Sweet Home…

We live on a 6-acre farm in rural Southeastern Virginia. The house is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home. It isn’t anything extravagent but it is HOME! This place has been the greatest for raising our boys! The yard is private, completely fenced, and surrounded by huge pine trees. There is a long driveway for our kids to ride their bikes, draw with chalk, and drive their Power Wheels truck! Since we are on 6 acres, there is plenty of space for ball games, places to explore within the safety of their own yard, horse back riding, playing on the trampoline and anything else their little hearts desire!

Our Favorite Things to do Together!

Baseball and camping!
First of all, we are huge Washington Nationals fans! We watch nearly every game on TV, travel to D.C. to go to games, etc. We evenalready have some Nats gear for our future daughter! GO NATS! Our sons both play in youth leagues too! Camping, we do regularly as a family. We own a travel trailer RV and go all over Virginia and even venture into North Carolina on trips. We have good friends who have daughters our sons’ ages and we go regularly together. When we go to Florida, we also take our camper to camp along the way, camp at Disney World, etc. We have annual passes to Disney World and love to go whenever we can get to Florida! My (Linda) family all have annual passes too – it’s a family affair!

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