The Kids


Our oldest son, Jonathan Jr. is such a helper! He is a great big brother to his little brother. He is always looking out for him, helping him and teaching him something. It is beautiful when at bedtime, Jonathan will read his brother a bedtime story! He CANNOT wait for a little sister!!


Our youngest son, Bryce has a fantastic sense of humor and can be the sweetest little guy! I am always shocked at how lovable and cuddly he is. At the same time he is rough and rugged and is excited to teach his sister how to ride a bike and play on the slides.

Our Nanny

We are so incredibly blessed! We have an au pair from Argentina that lives in our home. This is a nanny that comes from another country to live in your home and learn about American culture. She has become part of the family and loves our boys like her own! Our baby girl will be so lucky in that she will learn Spanish from birth and never have to be in daycare as an infant!